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Note: We are not currently accepting products for review.

To submit a product for review or possible use for media opportunities:

Thank you for your interest in submitting a product to Corey and Lynn at Celebrate Green!®.

We’re always excited to support great companies with products that seek to improve the well being of people and planet. Our product recommendations have appeared in national television and radio segments, in magazines and online.

Before your product is considered for inclusion in our online or media opportunities, here is what you need to know:

  • Read through and understand our Review Guidelines
  • We will not request/accept an item unless we believe it will be of interest to our audience, either on the web (blogs) or via media appearances. (See below)
  • We are dedicated to candor and honesty when we review and mention products, and aim to offer thoughtful reviews.
  • If we accept an item, unless you hear otherwise our intention is to post about it. This may or may not be in the form of a review. We cannot guarantee when the post will appear, whether it will be a discussion/review of the product on its own or with others. Assuming we are enthusiastic about the item, we will do our best to tweet etc. it but cannot guarantee we will do so.
  • We cannot guarantee that your item will be used in a media appearance and if so, that the name/website will be mentioned. When it comes to the media, it’s out of our hands.
  • If we do use the product for a media appearance or discuss it on one of our blogs, due to time constraints, it is unlikely that we will let you know when and where it is used. If you do not already have a Google alert set up for your product(s), please do so. This is the best way to find out when a review or mention of your product appears. You may also subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We often announce media appearances here.
  • We do not return samples. Occasionally they may be used for giveaways. If you sell body products or consumables, you may wish to send us two products, one we can try for review and one for possible inclusion in media opportunities. This is not required. If you do send a product for a giveaway, we are open to how the giveaway works. Feel free to discuss it with us.
  • Sample sizes cannot be used for video or TV appearances. If you want your product considered for either, please send full size.

If you agree to these terms of use, please contact us directly with the following information. Your answers will be used for us to assess whether yours is a product we might be interested in.

Name of item

Eco-friendly qualities, including (if applicable) energy used to make product, packaging, and whether or not product is recyclable or whether your company accepts it back for recycling at the end of its life.

Is item organic or Fair trade (when applicable).

If applicable, what percentage of item is recycled or repurposed? (Approximate.)

Does sale of item benefit a non-profit or community?(Not required)

Your contact information, name, phone, state and email

Website and URL where buyers can find the product. If it’s available in “brick and mortar” stores, let us know.

Important: An e-mail from you with the above information included is confirmation that you have read, and agreed to our terms of use.

After receipt and review of your information, we will notify you if we would like to receive a sample and if so, give you a mailing address.

Thank you!

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