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Review: Kigo shoes (plus 50% off for 5 lucky purchasers)

by Lynn

Kigo Drive

(Note: As of 4-19-12 the coupons are taken.)

Not sure if it’s my stellar writing (unlikely) or our position at the top of the high priestesses of green (not!), but I get half a dozen requests a week to review “green or sustainable” food, lotions and potions and miscellaneous items. For various reasons, I turn most down.

But when something comes along that I know I’ll use, I look forward to giving it a test drive.

Such was the case with Kigo shoes.

I have some problems with my feet including the fact that they are almost as wide as they are long and I have a condition called Morton’s Neuroma which generally requires a lot of cushioning in the sole and a shoe that gives plenty of room at the ball of my foot. (Sorry if this is TMI, but it’s relevant to the review.)

So finding shoes that fit and that are comfortable can be a real challenge. Throw in the fact I prefer to buy sustainably made whenever possible and it’s often an impossible order.

Kigo has made my impossible, possible.

Kigo footwear is a line of lightweight shoes that are everyday wearable, durable enough for athletics and ideal for travel produced by a company fully committed to sustainability in every aspect.

Some of the eco-features of Kigo shoes:

  • Kigo shoes are crafted from a combination of recycled and post-consumer materials, as well as environmentally friendly treatments., including water-based adhesives, CYCLEPET uppers, recycled nylon lining and non-toxic dyes
  • Water & stain resistant, via an EPA approved treatment that is washed into the fabric (rather than sprayed on).
  • PLUSfoam™ made from various combinations of reclaimed consumer products, post-manufacturing scrap and virgin material, making it 100% recyclable. Buyers are encouraged to recycle the shoes by sending them when worn to the PLUSfoam recycling center.
  • Kigo shoes come in minimal recycled wrapping and a slim recycled box

The company states it is committed to as light a footprint as possible, “We avoid typical work trappings like extraneous travel and unnecessary paper, opting instead for things like video conferencing, telecommuting and digital marketing materials.”

In addition, while the shoes are made in China, it is in a low carbon emission facility where the people are treated well, according to Kigo. The manufacturer, PLUS Compound Technologies, is based in California. This video shows a look inside the manufacturing process. Kigo’s representative with whom I spoke explained, “We are very transparent in our manufacturing processes and principles because we will accept nothing but the most responsible conditions and processes!”

So on the green front, overall, Kigo meets my requirements.

Kigo Curv

My one quibble with the shoes is the sizing. Here’s what they say in their FAQ about fit on one of the models I was sent:

“The kigo footwear drive and flit models feature an anatomical design and adjustability for a wider, more athletic fit. These shoes are true to size, and are ideal for athletes and barefoot enthusiasts.”

The problem is that they only come in full sizes and I’m in between so was sent the next larger size. Turns out despite the fact they fit well in the width, overall, they are are too big to wear without socks. That’s not a problem right now, but in the summer, unfortunately, I won’t be in them.

On the plus side, they are plenty wide and the Drive has an adjustable lace for tightening as needed.

The Curv (a Mary Jane style), fit fine across the top of my foot with a little bit of stretch in the strap closure.

I suggest that regardless of whether your feet are normal, wide or narrow, that you take their advice on which model will fit you best, but you may find as I did, that a perfect fit is illusive the first time around.

While the soles are not as thick as I generally require to cushion the ball of my foot, with testing, they seem adequate. I don’t think I’d be able to take a four hour hike in them, but then, I don’t take four hour hikes anyway! But I don’t need to confine myself and my Kigo’s to indoor wearing either.

I wore the Drives on an hour bike ride and had no foot pain afterwards. I don’t put a huge amount of pressure on my feet as I ride, so if you do and want them for this purpose, you will need to test them yourself.

I’m honestly enjoying my Kigo shoes, and look forward to taking them when I travel. I like to carry only an overnight bag, even for trips of a month or more. Shoes always are an issue, but I can see these will serve a great many purposes without taking up a lot of space.

Two thumbs up for the shoes and all their sustainable efforts.

Want a pair of Kigo’s at 50% off?
Leave a comment below on which style you’ll choose.

(Check out all the styles at

Be sure to include your email and I’ll send the first five respondents a coupon good for half off one pair. (One coupon per person.)

Note: If you live outside of the U.S., you can take advantage of the coupon, but you cannot order from the Kigo site. International orders must be sent to and include the coupon code you will be sent along with the order inquiry. Your payment will be processed via PayPal.

Note: I was sent two pair of Kigo shoes at no cost to enable me to write this review. For more information read our Disclosure Policy.

Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson are mother and daughter and authors of  Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, and founders of Green Halloween®.

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4 comments to Review: Kigo shoes (plus 50% off for 5 lucky purchasers)

  • Copying and pasting the comment from Facebook: “I’m due for new kicks come June, so if it’s good through then, I’m in. Have been wanting a pair of grey minimalist shoes and have heard of Kigo.”

  • Very nice write up and I appreciate your honestly about comfort, size, etc. I could use a new pair of out & about shoes and always strive to find new items that are beneficial to the environment and fair to people making them. It was nice to see the labor part addressed as well.

  • Tammy Herman

    I would love to get a pair of these! They look like they would make awesome water shoes for swimin’ the Allegheny River!

  • Krista

    Ooh, I have never heard of these! Thanks for passing on the info, I will check out the website~!

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