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Review: Abeego wraps, a revolutionary product

by Lynn

Every once in awhile a game changing product comes along.

In its day, plastic wrap was such a product. As frustrating as it was trying to get the darn stuff off the roll (much less itself and what you stuck it to), it seemed a real improvement over what we had at the time which was, as I remember, wax paper.

Wax paper needed a rubber band (no twist ties in those days), to hold it in place.

Saran Wrap sealed with no problem.

Of course we know more today than we did when these products came on the market. More and more people realize that we don’t want plastics coming in contact with our food. Plus of course, plastic waste is something we should all be concerned about. The savvy are switching to glass storage, but that’s may not be the best answer for every situation.

Enter Abeego

Like most revolutionary products, Abeegos are easy to use. And once you “get” what they do, if you prefer to stay away from plastics, I guarantee you’ll want them.

Abeego products (they come in “flats,” “wraps,” and “snack”) are made from hemp infused with beeswax (which is naturally antimicrobial), tree resin and jojoba oil. They feel slightly sticky. This quality allows the flat to “stick” to itself, but not in the same annoying way plastic wrap does.

Other things I loved about Abeego:

  • The aroma of beeswax wafts from the wraps.
  • They can be used to wrap anything no matter the shape.
  • Food preserved in Abeego does not smell if it goes bad because the gases that cause rotting food odors are released, not trapped.
  • There is no waste when producing Abeego. Bits left after cutting are turned into “twist ties” which come with every order at no additional cost.
  • Abeego bags and flats can be used over and over and once they are no longer functional, can be composted.
  • Abeego was invented by Toni because she wanted to find a safe way to store food and she did!

You need to wash Abeegos in cool water and use alcohol-free soap. Due to the beeswax, Abeegos develop lines from folding, but because the hemp fibers are infused with beeswax/tree resin/jojoba oil, the lines don’t affect how the products work. You’ll want to keep them out of the heat, but they can be used for short term storage in a freezer.

Abeego is a Canadian company, and you can purchase online or from a few American retailers (including one of our favorites, Peaceful Parlour in Geneva, IL). I’d like to suggest that after you buy some Abeegos, and test them out, you stop by your local natural food store and ask them to stock this product. I’ve not been paid or pressured to suggest this, but I honestly believe that this is a product that everyone can use, that can help us eliminate plastics from our kitchens and that deserves a place on market shelves everywhere.

Yes! I’m an Abeego fan!

Note: I was given a package of Abeegos to try out for this review. If you have questions, please see our Disclosure Policy.

Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson are mother and daughter and authors of  Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family, and founders of Green Halloween®.


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