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Over the last six years Corey Colwell Lipson, Lynn Colwell, and Kimberly Pinkson earned our “MBA’s” – Mommy Business Advising credentials in a most surprising manner.
Already equipped with college degrees and successful careers in psychotherapy, business coaching, marketing, and health and wellness consulting respectively, they never planned to go back to school but turning Green Halloween®, Celebrate Green®, and EcoMom® into successful international enterprises, was like getting a new degree. They learned a thing or two!

Brands began to ask questions. Corey, Kimberly, and Lynn, together with the EcoMom® Alliance members, began answering the demand.

And Momfluentials, a consulting business offering strategic marketing and collaborative advice for LOHAS and mom-focused brands, was born.

Why we’re here for you

  • because our Theory of Change is anchored by a belief in the power of mothers (aka “the momfluentials”) to propel an environmentally, socially, and economically healthy world;
  • because women represent over 80% of purchasing power;
  • because the United States economy is the world’s largest democracy;
  • because brands want to know what moms look for in the products they buy; and
  • because we reach over 1 million individuals each year, business owners, CEO’s, and marketing executives began to ask us questions.

LISTEN to Kimberly and Corey’s recent keynote at the Natural Products Expo West on Marketing to Moms.

“Their authenticity, insight and expertise helped us craft a unique and overwhelmingly successful launch [of a new product line.”
-The SVP of a popular green cleaning company

“Their wisdom and insight is invaluable.”-The Founder and CEO of a top snack company

How we can help you

From business strategy to development, launch, and marketing with social media, digital, print, on-the-ground, and broadcast campaigns Corey, Lynn, and Kimberly are go-to resources with a 30,000+ member network available for research, development, and product sampling.

Marketing to moms is a tricky business, and even more so when it comes to health, wellness, and green. Authenticity is key.

We’re here for moms and companies and future generations. We’re here to shift the marketplace to one that supports sustainable brands and increases consumer demand for the visionary products leading the way. If you’ve got similar goals, send us an email to get in touch.

Our expertise to share

Strategy     Development     Copywriting     Campaigns     Branding Direction           Expert Brainstorming
     Collateral     Social Media     Market Research
     Sampling     Hands-To-Hold

Some brands we’ve worked with

Seventh Generation     Cascadian Farms     Billabong     Nature’s Path     WalMart      Larabar     TruSweets     ClifBar     Honest Tea
     Kashi     Plum Organics


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