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Guest blogger policy

We regularly are contacted by individuals who would like to post on Celebrate Green! We do accept guest blog posts.

However, we are only interested in writers with credentials writing about sustainability and green issues for reputable magazines, websites etc.

The guidelines for submitting (please note that submitting a post does not mean it will be accepted), a post are as follows:

1. We suggest you read at least 6 posts on various topics on our blog to understand the writing style we prefer.

2. We are not interested in “general” green topics. Your topic must be very specific. Covering a small topic in depth is much more likely to meet with our approval than an overview. For instance, you live in a climate with a lot of humidity and your hair frizzes. What are eco-friendly ways to deal with it. We would not be interested in a general topic of how to keep cool in summer in eco-friendly ways.

3. In general we are not interested in topics we normally write about including any holiday or celebration with the exception of greening religious or ethnic holidays. We’re always seeking post on these. Or, if there is a less recognized holiday you’ve greened up (National Secretaries Day), that could work too.

4. We like well-researched articles on topics of interest to our audience and also are interested in recipes.

5. When you submit an article for our review, please include the following:

  • Your full name
  • At least six links to bylined articles/posts you’ve written (these can be on your own site or others) on sustainable, green, eco-friendly topics ONLY.
  • The following statement: I am submitting this post for consideration to be included on Celebrate Green! I understand that the post may or may not be accepted by Celebrate Green! I also understand that I will not be paid for this post. The editor at Celebrate Green! is free to edit as she sees fit.
  • A bio–no more than two short sentences. See our posts for example. Include a link if you like.
  • The link to the website where you will link to the article once posted on the CG website.
  • How you will publicize the post via social media.

6. Please submit only one article at a time. If we want more, we’ll be in touch.

Please note we get dozens of requests about writing posts for Celebrate Green! and may be unable to respond unless we decide to publish the article.

Thanks very much for your interest in Celebrate Green!

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